3 Simple Tips for Getting Your Message Across

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Practical Tips for Effective Presentations

When giving any kind of presentation one of the most important aspects is for it to be memorable for all the right reasons. The audience is there to listen to your insights, information and knowledge. If you are relaxed and enthusiastic, the audience is more likely to see the real you and this will feel authentic.

Being authentic with your audience allows them to engage with you and will capture their attention. This is a great starting place if you want your presentation to be remembered.

What if being relaxed and enthusiastic sounds good in principle, however whenever you consider standing in front of an audience your heart starts to race and your palms become sweaty....

In a series of articles, I will be discussing 3 aspects of presenting and sharing ideas to help you remain calm when the pressure rises.  

Tip 1: Feel Energised: Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious and has the power to influence your audience positively. Keeping your energy up is a must.   Read more...

Tip 2: Be Present: Your audience deserves your full attention when you are talking to them. Taking a breath and slowing down can help you remain in the moment. Read more...

Tip 3: Maintain Perspective: It is useful to remember that the audience is there to listen to you and they want to here what you have to say, even if your inner voice has a different message!

The following articles explore these ideas further giving practical techniques you can use when considering your next presentation.

Author: Hazel Miller